Basics of Football Betting Odds

Main Odds Formats

Types Of Betting Odds In Sports Betting Explained With Examples

Once you have found out that the underlying principle of odds is uncomplicated, you can set about with the crux of the matter. In the first place, football bettors should be aware of the fact that odds can be displayed in three main formats which include decimal odds, American odds, and fractional odds. Perhaps, one of the most arduous things you should do when you wish to become a successful football bettor is to remember all the distinctive traits of each of the three odds formats and the manner in which each of them functions. Despite the fact that at first, this might seem to you as a strenuous or even impossible task, once you take your time to read more about this, you will see that it is not that sophisticated as it sounds.

Decimal Odds

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Decimal odds doubtlessly remains the most widely utilized format of the three. In fact, this manner of displaying the odds can be found at the better part of the interactive bookies with the only exception being operators which target gambling enthusiasts from the United States. It is true to say that one of the most obvious reasons why decimal odds are the most popular ones is that this is the most straightforward manner in which odds are expressed.

Interestingly enough, this format is closely associated with football bettors from Australia, Europe, and Canada. The most important thing you should remember about this format remains that odds are shown using two decimal places as for example, 2.0, 1.5, and so on. It stands to a reason that decimal odds are the most straightforward format of the three due to the fact that punters can get the potential return they may enjoy simply by multiplying the stake they have made by the odds. Still, football bettors should remember that the potential return they will obtain comprises their original stake. Thus, if we assume that you have made a stake of $100 at odds of 1.50, this will mean that your potential return will be $150 (100 x 1.50 = 150).

Gambling enthusiasts should also be aware that if they wish to get their potential profit, they just need to subtract 1 from the value of the odds. Thus, the equation will look like this: stake x (odds – 1). Another thing which is crucial is that odds of 2.00 represent even money. As long as the odds exceed this value, this means that the odds are against. In the event that the odds are less than this value, this means that they are on.

Moneyline Odds


Moneyline or American odds is the next format we will pay more attention to. As the name implies, this manner of displaying the odds is most popular with football bettors from the United States. At first, it might throw you into confusion due to the fact that the odds might have a positive and a negative value.

Perhaps, the most confusing thing remains that the positive sign reflects the potential profit you may enjoy in the event that you make a stake of $100. Thus, if we assume that the odds of one of the football teams are +200, a winning stake of $200 will grant you $600. It is important to note that this amount includes the initial stake you have made. In other words, the formula you need to make use of in order to get your potential profit looks like this: stake x (odds / 100).

As for the negative sign, football bettors should remember that it indicates the amount of money they need to wager in order to have the chance to win $100. Thus, if we presume that the odds are -120, this will indicate that a successful bet of $120 will grant you $100, meaning that the punter will get a total of $220. If we assume that the scenario is slightly different, and you have decided to make a stake of $100 at odds of -200, this would mean that the potential return you might eventually collect is $150. The formula you should stick to this time looks like this: stake / (odds/100).

Another important thing football bettors should take into account is that according to this format, the even-money equivalent is represented by +100. Thus, the negative sign will indicate odds on, whereas the positive sign will reflect odds against.

Fractional Odds


As for fractional odds, it is considered that this is the omnipresent format which can be found in almost every bookie on the territory of the United Kingdom. Still, recently, decimal odds have gradually started to oust fractional odds. In fact, gambling enthusiasts are slightly reluctant to utilize this format due to the fact that estimating the payout and the profit might turn out to be quite a tricky undertaking. One of the most important things football bettors should remember is that this format reflects the potential profit they might enjoy. When it comes to the possible payout, gambling enthusiasts simply need to add the amount of the stake they have made.

Despite the fact that at first glance, this format might seem slightly overwhelming, you should not worry about this as once you figure out the manner in which it works, your betting session will go like magic. As the name implies, the odds are displayed via fractions such as 5/1, which is pronounced five to one. These values indicate that football bettors might pocket five units for every single unit they stake. If we assume that the odds are 6/4, this would mean that you will have the chance to sweep six units for every four units you have decided to run the risk of wagering. This time, the formula you should make use of looks like this: stake x (numerator/denominator).

As you can probably guess, in this format the even-money equivalent is represented by 1/1. Thus, in the event that the numerator is a number which is larger than the denominator, this would be odds against. In other words, this will mean that your profit will turn out to be more substantial than the bet you have made. In the event that the denominator is a number which is larger than the numerator, this will be odds on. This will indicate that your stake is bigger than the profit you may eventually enjoy.