Pros and Cons of Utilizing the Kelly Criterion for Football Betting(2)

We hope that you have managed to figure out why so many soccer lovers tend to turn the Kelly Criterion to their good account during their sports betting session. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this football betting method might turn out to be the best tool when you are unsure which is the most advantageous move in this situation. Irrespective of the fact that the Kelly Criterion comes with so many advantages, soccer bettors should also make sure that they are aware of its flaws as well.


As likely as not, one of the main reasons why gamblers decide in favor of this football betting method is that it can easily be described as one of the most uncomplicated ways to figure out what portion of your bankroll you should consider staking. Despite the fact that at first glance, it might seem to you that the method is quite demanding, football lovers should rest easy that once they have managed to memorize the components of the formula and the manner in which they should employ them, they will figure out that the whole procedure is quite straightforward. Best of all, gamblers are not required to possess a mathematical savvy in order to make the calculations which will undoubtedly appeal to many punters.

Unlike many of the other betting methods, the Kelly Criterion allows for the size of your bankroll. In essence, when you are making up your mind about the staking plan which will help you achieve your goals, you should make sure that it is grounded on the amount of money you have intended for gambling purposes.

As likely as not, one of the biggest assets of making use of the Kelly Criterion is that it helps you to make up your mind about the theoretical value of the stake you are intent on making. It is fair to say that this is a major advantage due to the fact that football lovers will have the chance to find the golden middle between safeguarding their bankroll and increasing it. One of the best things about the Kelly Criterion remains that thanks to it, football bettors will have the chance to optimize their profit due to the fact that they simply need to make more substantial stakes when the value is higher and vice versa, to make smaller stakes when the value they are offered is lower.

When it comes to the merits of this football betting method, we should not forget to mention the fact that gamblers will have the chance to figure out whether they should make a stake or not with a single glance at the expected value. Thus, as long as the value is negative, this should serve as a red flag that you should forbear from making such a stake.

Football lovers who are intent on making use of the Kelly Criterion should be aware of the fact that this betting method has its flaws as well. Perhaps, one of the hardest things soccer lovers need to do is to estimate the probability of their wager to become a winning one accurately. Thus, as long as you fail to do so at least reasonably well, you will not be able to calculate the amount you need to stake properly, meaning that thus, you will put your bankroll in jeopardy.

Other than that, many knowledgeable football lovers reckon that at times, this betting method might turn out to be quite aggressive. In other words, sometimes, gambling enthusiasts might be compelled to make some quite substantial stakes, which is why many punters are reluctant to utilize the method. Needless to say, you might not be pleased with the situation as long as you are required to risk 10% of your bankroll. Interestingly enough, for their most part, punters are prone to staking a maximum of 5% of the funds they have intended for gambling purposes per a single wager.

The good news is that football bettors can deal with this problem, provided that they are more heedful when they are making their assessments. By this, we mean that it might be a good idea to make more humble bets than the betting method would suggest. In essence, many soccer lovers have decided to change their approach and to wager a certain fraction of the values the method recommends.



As long as you make a research on the Kelly Criterion, it will hit you right away that the viewpoints of old hands are quite diverse. Some football lovers consider that the betting method is one of the most useful tools for calculating the amount they should stake, whereas others reckon that it is useless.

Soccer devotees should commit to their mind that this betting method is not a 100% guarantee of success, meaning that the fact that you are utilizing it does not promise that you will win consistently. Other than that, punters should remember that they should be able to spot value bets which requires some expertise as well. In a nutshell, the Kelly Criterion might not be the best tool for enhancing your chances of reveling in more lucrative results, but it might turn out to be useful as long as you wish to manage your funds properly.